Microsoft Azure, often referred to simply as Azure, is a cloud computing platform created and maintained by Microsoft. It provides a wide range of on-demand services that allow individuals and organizations to:

  • Build, deploy, and manage applications: Offers various tools and services for developing, hosting, and scaling web applications, mobile apps, and other types of software.
  • Store data: Provides options for storing various types of data, including structured data in relational databases, unstructured data like blobs and files, and big data for large-scale data analysis.
  • Analyze data: Offers tools and services for data analytics, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, and business intelligence capabilities.
  • Integrate services: Enables integration with various services and functionalities, both within the Azure platform and with external third-party services.
  • Deliver content: Provides content delivery networks (CDNs) for fast and reliable delivery of content, such as static web pages, images, and videos, to users around the world.