Standing Among Giants: Sharing the Science of Social Media Recruiting at HackerEarth’s Hire 10(1)

2021 held a humbling surprise: an invitation to speak at HackerEarth’s Hire 10(1), an annual tech conference where thought leaders dissect the art and science of talent acquisition. As the founder of TheStaffingCircle, specializing in tech recruitment and social media strategies, I knew this was a chance to share my insights alongside industry titans.My chosen topic? “The Science Behind Recruiting Tech Talent with Social Media.” The hiring landscape was shifting. With platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, and Twitter shaping brand perception and talent pools, every company needs a compelling social media voice. It was no longer just about resumes and job boards; it was about attracting, engaging, and engaging a tech-savvy generation where they live: online.Sharing the stage with these experienced leaders was daunting, but also exhilarating. Each session felt like climbing a mountain, pushing my understanding of the industry to new heights. Watching them dissect challenges and unveil cutting-edge strategies was an education in itself.

Hackerearth Tech Recruiting Conference
But my focus remained clear: I wanted to demystify the science behind social media recruiting, to equip companies with the tools and understanding they need to thrive in this new digital era. We delved into employer branding strategies, social media platforms to target, and audience engagement techniques that turn passive candidates into passionate brand advocates.
Leaving Hire 10(1) wasn’t just about finishing a talk; it was about starting a conversation. I felt a renewed sense of purpose, and a desire to bridge the gap between industry giants and everyday companies struggling to adapt. The science of social media recruiting is complex, but its potential is limitless. I, for one, am excited to be part of this evolving landscape, sharing my knowledge and helping companies build winning tech teams in the age of digital talent acquisition.