My second speaking engagement was way back in 2020, I Stood Before Them: Empowering Students to Bridge the Gap between College and Career

Standing before a sea of eager faces – college students, graduates, and postgraduates – in 2020, a thrill of purpose surged through me. Invited by a dedicated organization, I had the privilege of embarking on a mission: to bridge the gap between the sheltered shores of academia and the dynamic waves of the corporate world.

“Internships: Your Launchpad to Success” became my battle cry. We dived deep, exploring the mysteries of this gateway opportunity: how it works, how to secure one, and how to transform from eager student to polished professional.Together, we unraveled the tapestry of internship types, from those nestled within familiar industries to those venturing into uncharted territories. We learned to target potential employers like skilled hunters, crafting resumes that resonated and LinkedIn profiles that sparkled. Interview preparation became a game, one played with practiced composure and razor-sharp wit.But this wasn’t just about skills and strategies. It was about igniting an unwavering belief in their potential. We explored resume management not as a chore, but as an art form, a way to sculpt their unique skills and experiences into a masterpiece. LinkedIn became more than a profile; it became a platform to build their brand, and their voice in the professional arena.The spark in their eyes as they grasped the intricacies of interview preparation, the resolute nod after crafting a compelling resume, the triumphant grins following a mock interview – these were my victories. Witnessing their transformation, and their newfound confidence as they prepared to navigate the corporate unknown, filled me with an immense sense of purpose.That day, in 2020, was more than just a speaking engagement. It was a promise: a promise to bridge the gap, to empower the next generation to navigate the intricate dance from college to career with grace and confidence. And that, truly, is a journey worth taking.