I recently had the opportunity to engage in a one-on-one session with Aiyaz Uddin, diving deep into the intricacies of the recruiting and staffing business. I’ve got to say, it was an eye-opener and frankly, I haven’t come across such comprehensive insights anywhere on the internet. Aiyaz kept it interactive, urging me to throw in my questions, which really amped up the learning. He’s got a grip on everything, from the basics of recruiting to the nitty-gritty of starting your own staffing business. And for the wealth of info he shares, his prices are a no-brainer. For anyone looking to dive deeper into recruiting or staffing, Aiyaz is the real deal.

Once again, thanks for the incredible session. Your insights and guidance were invaluable, and I truly appreciate the knowledge you shared.

S. Samuel – Founder of US Staffing Startup

Aiyaz is a multi-talented person and meticulous person. He is a one-stop solution for all your social media needs. His ideas are tremendous, and he helped the Cambay Engineering division in many ways, be it blog writing, handling social branding, video promotion, and many others. I wish him good luck with his future endeavors.

Rahul Srivastava Head BD and Strategic | Cambay Engineering

It’s rare that one comes across standout talent like Aiyaz Uddin with multiple practical expertise. His approach has always been to find an unconventional solution based on the practical usage of digital media and digital tools. He has been leading the strategic planning for brand development and digital marketing. He has been executing the plan on the ground by exploiting all online channels and leading this team successfully. His Digital branding has given a boost to the company’s business by establishing its presence in the digital space through images, content, and interactions. The reach to the company’s target market has been improving day by day. I was always impressed by Aiyaz’s ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas—even people who were initially on completely different pages.

His ability to juggle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team. He has been continuously working with different teams to help them exploit the new ways of doing business through digital media. An excellent communicator, trainer, and leader Aiyaz was always ready to shoulder any new initiatives. No staff meeting was complete without his active presence. All his new initiatives on digital content, on using digital channels for brand building and market reach are paying rich dividends to the company’s business.

Cdr Prahlad Punia, MIETE, MIMA, MIOD |SoftNice, INC

I connected with Aiyaz Uddin through LinkedIn. He helped me with my agency branding including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Very resourceful and helpful business professional. Thank You Aiyaz for all your great work and guidance, I look forward to continuing business with you.

Rhonda Danna – Managing Director Of Operations at Supreme Staffing Solutions LLC

Aiyaz is a very focused goal-oriented, creative, and innovative mind, his expertise in Digital space is amazing. He visualizes the business and helps to achieve business goals with his services as a consultant to individuals and organizations.

Dani Lazarus – Practice Head

I met Aiyaz Uddin during my quest/ willingness to relocate to UAE. He has been the epitome of a leading coach. Able to apply mature business judgment and steer me into “doing the right things right”.
Creatively and effectively challenged the thinking of myself and others.
Able to see the cultural and personal implications of decisions and plan for them. Self-directed with strong initiative and a high level of self-awareness to work effectively with others, even from a long distance.
Great interpersonal and technical competencies accompanied by a “problem solver” attitude.

Efthimis (Tim) SERETIS, MSc – Regional Sales Manager

I had the pleasure of working and collaborating with Aiyaz on many opportunities. My association with Aiyaz is not just professional, rather many times it is spiritual as well. He is a gem with diverse knowledge on many subjects be it Staffing, Digital Marketing, or Communications. More than a colleague he is a friend and go-to person for any problems related to Digital Campaigns or personal branding. I have seen him growing and silently becoming the Educator. I consider Aiyaz a real asset to his industry.

Amit ShrivastavaAmit Shrivastava – Sales & Business Development | Engineering Services

I found Aiyaz Uddin a very resourceful and helpful business professional and recruitment expert. He has a deep understanding of staffing business, branding, lead generation, and all the necessary steps, to make your staffing business a great success. A good mentor/coach who is willing to teach what he knows. I am so grateful for the mentorship you’ve given me, which I truly appreciate.

S Kamran – Staffing and Recruiting Startup Owner

Aiyaz Uddin is a strategic leader in the US staffing business who has all the qualities of a true leader who is not only approachable but also someone who believes in enabling people with knowledge, data, and insights into this industry. His knowledge of talent acquisition, and business development including federal, state, and commercial clients is second to none. Truly a great leader, educator, and professional who growing this industry leader silently and sharing knowledge with the world.

Anshuman Arora – Staffing Professional