Staff Scientist – Sustainability and Energy Technologist

Lead/Staff Scientist Sustainability and Energy Technologist is expected to Initiate, Propose and Execute research and development, Debottlenecking/Revamp, Energy saving, Sustainability improvement programs directed towards the improvement of processes and commercial technologies.

Lead in-house new process technology development, scale up & implementations in commercial plants. Provide technology solution to improve energy consumption in commercial plants for the conventional operation, turnover, and re-commissioning as needed.

Provide trouble-shooting & Root cause analysis support and drive problem resolution for commercial plants.

The Sustainability and Energy technologist is required to support in Growth Projects and Evaluate energy efficiency of multiple designs of blue ammonia plants, be aware of the differences of available licensing technology from main licensors and the impact on energy in each configuration, support the project team to select the most efficient technology.

Job Responsibilities

• Provide directions and energy assessment leading to optimum technology selection for Blue Ammonia development and technology configuration of the process

• Aware of Decarbonization solution in the industry and can link it to the technology selection exercise.

• Provide energy efficiency report and improve these in commercial plants

• Development of Plant wide Model to report energy consumption and Guide the energy Improvements/Performance in the plant

• Carry out Energy and mass balance calculations, Energy Optimization/Pinch Studies, Pump calculations, Feasibility study & Revamp study

• Independently Review Engineering Documents & Steer energy balance for optimum technology selection and technology improvements.

• Collaborate with external companies, start-ups and universities and lead projects toward implementation in the plant.

• Provide insights, directions and support to products development within the group.

• Actively contribute to safety culture, coaching young employees and initiate new programs.

Minimum Requirements

• Masters, PhD is preferred.

• Experience of 15 years in dealing with new product development, preferably experience/collaboration/previous interaction with start-ups.

• Strategic thinking and planning.

• Leadership skills to work and influence highly talented people with diversified disciplines and cultures.

• Ability to create, foster and drive culture for innovation.

• Excellent interpersonal & communication skills.

• Highly Self-motivated.

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