Renewable Power Engineering Specialist – Solar PV

We are seeking a Renewables Power Engineering Specialist to join our Power Systems Renewables Department. You will be working under the Renewable Project Development and Support Division which performs project due diligence, feasibility studies, site-specific engineering analysis, specific design reviews and the evaluation of energy requirements for residential, commercial and industrial scales across Saudi Aramco facilities. Furthermore, economic analysis, standards development and thorough evaluation of different technologies and system design alternatives is a key competencies in candidate to recommend best investment decisions with maximum attainable Net Present Value (NPV). Your primary role is to support the evaluation and development of renewables business cases and capital projects.

Key Responsibilities:


Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering or Renewables Engineering. A master’s degree in engineering is preferred. CEM certification is a plus.

10 years’ engineering design experience in Solar PV, concentrated solar and energy storage (heat and chemical storage technologies).

Technical experience in Solar PV and Energy storage technologies (Flow batteries, Lithium batteries), system design, optimization, technology assessment and techno-economic feasibility studies, grid interconnection and reliability or distribution either with utility or end-users is desired.

Solar PV experience including plant design, installation and commissioning, system interconnection, codes and standards.

Computerized Solar PV Systems analysis tools experience such as PVsyst, HOMER, AutoCAD, PVGIS tools, power analyzer/logger, IV curve tracing and battery tester.

Green hydrogen, fuel cells and wind energy experience.

Willing to relocate to Saudi Arabia?

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