Geoscience Software Specialist – Geologic & Interpret Applications

We are seeking a Lead Exploration Systems Analyst to join Geologic & Interpret Applications Division of Exploration Applications Services Department. The Geological & Interpretation Applications Division (GIAD) core responsibilities include support of a large user base in Exploration with wide range of geoscience applications, technologies and solutions spanning the whole upstream spectrum from Exploration to Development. As Oil and Gas exploration and reservoir development in Saudi Arabia has moved to higher levels of complexity and more challenging frontiers, GIAD is committed to acquire and develop state of the art technologies and to hire the best-in-class geoscientists to meet the growing energy demand. The Lead Exploration Systems Analyst primary role is to develop workflows that integrates multidisciplinary upstream data utilizing mainstream Geological and Geophysical (G&G) software platforms, such as SIS Petrel and Landmark Decision Space Geoscience (DSG) among multiple other specialized software. The candidate will work closely with exploration and development geologists, geophysicists, geo-modelers, and petrophysicists leveraging an in-depth experience in industry-leading G&G software to conduct advanced basin and reservoir characterization studies.

Duties and Responsibilities

You will be required to perform the following:


Bachelor’s degree in Geology, Geophysics or Computer Science. An advanced degree is preferred.

Ten years of recent industry experience working on geoscience projects, studies and operations.

Intensive knowledge in a wide range of geological and geophysical disciplines such as exploration basin modeling, play analysis, prospect generation, reservoir development and characterization, sedimentology and stratigraphy, structural geology, petroleum system analysis and other geoscience-related disciplines.

Mastery level knowledge and experience in building and sustaining live earth model both structurally and petrophysically.

Familiarity with conformal mapping techniques to incorporate structural updates to earth models around deviated and horizontal wells.

Expertise in handling and automating field geologists’ operational workflows such as well planning, well log interpretation, geosteering, and the use of seismic based data to assist in aforementioned workflows to achieve more accurate well placement.

Knowledge in dealing with 2D and 3D seismic data, and conducting interpretation, building well ties, velocity models, seismic attributes, inversion, spectral decomposition, AVO, AVA, and good familiarity with quantitative and pre-stack seismic interpretation.

Willing to relocate to Saudi Arabia?

Are you an Australian or New Zealand native; or are you currently living/working in Australia or New Zealand?

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