Environmental Engineering Specialist – Waste Management and Circularity

We are seeking an experienced Environmental Engineer to work under Decarbonization and Sustainability Division to render environmental protection and performance aspects.

Duties & Responsibilities

▪ Monitor facility operating and business plans objectives are consistent and in-line with environmental protection policy and all applicable environmental policies, GIs and standards.

▪ Identify deviations and developing solutions to environmental problems to ensure mitigation of facilities’ environmental risk and improve compliance with company and governmental environmental regulations.

▪ Conduct full potential environmental assessment and provide recommendations.

▪ Develop, review and implement Green House Gas management program including GHG data collection, analysis and reporting.

▪ Conduct internal GHG assurance audit and provide support in preparation of facilities GHG 3rd party audits.

▪ Monitor the solids and chemical disposals to guarantee a safe environmental protection in compliance with governmental regulations.

▪ Monitor air quality, wastewater and water conservation, waste management performance.

▪ Establish environmental KPIs targets in alignment with company environmental policies and strategies

▪ Develop, review and deployment of facilities environmental management system in alignment with ISO 14001.

▪ Develop and maintain Environmental procedures and guidelines.

▪ Conduct internal environmental performance benchmarking studies among the oil and gas, refineries.

▪ Lead and support the development of solutions focused on emissions monitoring, tracking, and reduction.

▪ Stay abreast of international and regional regulations concerning emissions, waste management, water and wastewater, GHG to ensure alignment with compliance standards.

▪ Collaborate closely with stakeholders, including field engineers, top-level executives, and regulatory bodies, to ensure alignment with industry needs.

▪ Analyze complex data sets related to emissions, equipment efficiency, and other relevant parameters, deriving actionable insights for enhancement.

▪ Oversee the program lifecycle, from ideation to deployment, ensuring timely delivery and continuous improvement.

▪ Organize technical exchange workshops among the oil and gas refineries.

▪ Develop and deliver training material to promote environmental awareness among refinery personnel.


Bachelor’s degree in Chemical or Environmental Engineering.

10 years of experience in oil and gas refineries, and petrochemical.

Knowledge of the oil & gas, refining industry and its environmental challenges and risks.

Knowledge of global/governmental environmental policies, regulations and standards.

EPI/QEP certified professional (preferred).

Expertese in technical sustainability data, calculation methodology and limitations.

Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills in the field of environmental engineering.

Familiarity with ISO-14001 Environmental Management System and Requirement.

Familiarity with the development of decarbonization roadmap, GHG emission baseline and target setting.

Excellent computer skills as well as presentation skills.

Strong management and coordination skills.

Good command of English, both verbal and written.

Ability to work under pressure.

Willing to relocate to Saudi Arabia?

Are you an Australian or New Zealand native; or are you currently living/working in Australia or New Zealand?

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