Data Engineer

(Must be authorized to work in the US for any employer)

The Data Engineer will be responsible for the design, development, testing, and support for data pipelines and data products to enable continuous data processing for business analytics and data shared by internal and external applications. This role will work remotely with data from internal tech stack, supporting the exchange of data between these systems and analysis of the data by a team of developers.

Essential Job Functions:

• Contribute to the development of the organization’s data strategy, aligning data initiatives with business goals and ensuring data resources are used effectively.

• Take ownership of and optimize existing API connections, SQL queries, and stored procedures.

• Plan, design and optimize data models, data throughput and queries for the Business Intelligence Team’s Tableau Developers, the Applications Team and other stakeholders in a fast-moving environment.

• Analyze and recommend changes to improve efficiency, performance, lower costs, and enhance the quality of data assets.

• Collaborate with internal stakeholders and third-party vendors to integrate external data sources into internal data storage systems via APIs and other methods ensuring data accuracy and reliability.

• Develop data pipelines and integrations between applications using APIs, SSIS, and SQL.

• Work with internal clients to understand business logic, translate those requirements into technical specifications.

• Ensure continuous data flow during maintenance and testing.

• Experience creating technical documentation

• Leverage Python libraries to perform task to ensure quality and integrity.

Skills Required:

• Advanced experience in data analysis, implementation and system design.

• Significant experience with MS SQL Server Management Studio, SSIS, Python, and APIs.

• Experience with Business Analytics tools.

• Finance and Accounting understanding a plus.

• Converting techno talk to end users remotely.

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