Invite me to Speak


If you are a student looking at career guidance, counseling, and mentorship. You can contact us for career assessment, career roadmap, skill development,  training recommendations, resume preparation, soft skills development, industry readiness, and personal branding.


If you are a professional in any industry and looking for creating your personal brand, LinkedIn profile branding, resume reading and correction, job search help and support, interview management, career transition, and development services.

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, & Investors

If you are at the ideation stage or already in the market with your service, software, or product and in need of marketing, branding, advertising, sales and etc., or if you are a mature business looking for specific needs of the website, applications, apps development and etc.


If you are a University, Institute, Academy, or School

You can invite me to speak on career development, corporate readiness, motivational speaking, industry awareness, resume and LinkedIn profile building, career guidance, college to corporate, personal branding, job search, and interview management. I can also speak on the subject of HRM, Marketing, Advertising, Ad Campaigning, Branding, and Corporate Governance.

Other Services

If you are looking to engage with us at a higher level and have specific needs for application development services such as website, mobile application, backend applications, end-to-end staffing software, and other IT services.  Our team can deliver those business requirements offshore through mutual understanding and agreement.